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Peter on stage is an experience in itself! Passionate, interactive and at times fairly hilarious.

Inspirational keynote speeches

As a marketing expert and master of philosophy, Peter knows better than anyone to turn obvious marketing thinking upside down. He takes his audience by surprise, and even better, he provides them with directly applicable insights. And all in an inspiring way. Insights useful for event and other marketers. 

Keynote speeches can be adapted for your event or your specific audience.
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Holy Trinity Events

This is a keynote/workshop built around Peter's new book 'Holy Trinity Events', which shows you in a synthetic way what makes events really successful.  Events are about those GODs on stage, but even more about creating ME-xperiences and WE-xperiences.

Peter demonstrates this in an inspiring story that passes by Daft Punk, Formula 1, Burning Man, Tomorrowland and goes a lot further into the gaming world of League of Legends.

This keynote brings an inspiring story for event marketeers, but also for any other marketeers! You get a truckload of inspiring examples, easily applicable to your own event(s).

Peter constantly gives inspiring examples that you will immediately be able to apply to your own events, large or small


Success in 7 failures

Dit boeiend verhaal van succes en falen en succes en falen en nog maar eens succes en falen en succes behoort bij het boek Succes in 7 Mislukkingen, dat zal verschijnen in april 2023. 

From the successes of Fuse and I love Techno, to failures such as ‘Hoorzespreken’ and ‘Lust for Life’. Peter tells his personal story in his characteristic dynamic and interactive way.

Told with a lot of self-reflection, his story will be very recognizable and thus comforting for all those who have experienced the sweet taste of success and the bitter taste of failure.

‘Don’t get greedy’, or should it be ‘Don’t get too greedy’, is just one of the take-aways you get out of this keynote speech. Especially interesting for beginning entrepreneurs and students.


New keynote! Is your conference a Holy Trinity Event?

Peter comes to your event and analyses your conference/event from the  ‘Holy Trinity Events’ perspective. He takes pictures on the spot and immediately integrates these in his keynote speech.

This is the ideal closing keynote speech for your conference, as Peter summarizes your own event in a very inspiring and original manner!

In short: this keynote practices what Peter preaches! It turns your event into a Holy Trinity Event.

Ever seen an audience doing a #Guccigang mass karaoke at the end of a keynote? This could just happen at your event…


holy Trinity Branding

Peter Decuypere opens up his 'Holy Trinity Events story to marketing in general, showing in a surprisingly simple way how we can make a product or service, and even personal relationships, more valuable. In doing so, he moves smoothly from a visit to the Albert Heijn supermarket to Daft Punk and Burning Man.

He talks about ME-xperiences becoming WE-xperiences and customer expressions replacing customer experiences. And he talks about radical content and immediacy as criteria for building marketing value.

Holy Trinity Branding is about valuable ME-xperiences and WE-xperiences and about adding customer expression to the customer experiences. Peter talks about radical content and immediacy as criteria for building marketing value.

Interesting for marketeers, especially if you want to know how to get the most out of your sponsor- and partnership deals with events.


we love events

Keynote speech built around the first book ‘We love Events’.

Peter shows how he took his own festival I love Techno from a small venue to a a mega event with 35,000 people.

His keynote speech is built up around 3 stages of event marketing: (1) creating value (concept) (2) connecting from within the heart (strategy) and (3) bringing all that value to the potential visitors (event marketing).

For event marketers and event managers.

As founding father of I love Techno and Fuse club, Peter brings a personal story of success and sometimes failure.

Suddenly, strategy and concept seem to be very simple stages within event management.

We love Events comes as a keynote speech and We love Events training sessions.

Brought to you with humour and with footage he has collected himself over the years!

Still, why the two hearts?


Workshops ranging from 1 hour to 21 hours

A We love Events workshop explaining concept, strategy and event marketing? Or a Holy Trinity Workshop helping you to enhance the experiences of your event? Just let me know and we will work something out.

Especially the 1 day Holy Trinity Workshop is in high demand! In the morning session you get a crash course Holy trinity Thinking, and in the afternoon you can enhance the experiences of your own event!

Peter is a lecturer at several university colleges as well as a visiting professor at other universities.

From a 1 hour session to a full course of 21 hours, anything is possible. The ideal maximum participants is 40. More is possible, but you have to let us know in advance because the workshops need to be adapted to larger audiences.

Still not convinced? Check these videos!

Peter Decuypere on stage