Helping to see and discover value before it is value! In 1995, Peter booked the completely unknown group Daft Punk for his very first I Love Techno festival. He paid them 75 euros 


Inspiring workshops from 1h to 21h

As founding father of the I love Techno festival (Ghent) and Fuse Club (Brussels), consultant for numerous events, and lecturer at several colleges, Peter really knows what events are about.

He also holds a master's degree in philosophy, giving him remarkable strategic and conceptual insight into events.

For consultancy that goes beyond pure event expertise, Peter works extensively as an affiliate partner within the Callebaut Collective group.



Fuse and I love Techno are global brands within the techno world, known from Singapore to Poelkapelle. Peter conceived and developed those brands from the simple idea of the need for constant and, above all, remarkable value creation within a product. Through his methods, explained in his books We love Events  and Holy Trinity Events (Only in Dutch) you can quickly work out a marketing plan yourself, or optimise the value of your own event.



Years of experience as an event manager and consultant, complemented by a broad theoretical knowledge, mean that Peter can rightly call himself an event expert.  From that experience and knowledge, he himself has developed a clear vision of event organisation, which he has also converted into readily usable models. This explains why during the 2020-2021 covid period Peter was asked as a consultant by the Flemish Government to help outline the event policy. 



How do you build event strategy? How do you make sure your dream event becomes a concrete reality? And how can you find the right sponsors? Or how can you, as a sponsor, just make sure you choose the event that helps you achieve your strategic goals? All questions where Peter can help you find the right answer.

Some happy customers

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Vertrouwd door 500.000 klanten

If you take all the visitors to all the events Peter has ever organised, that 500,000 is actually far too little…:-)